Rawleigh’s Top 12 Sure Signs You Are Becoming A Lame Old-Fart


Air Guitar

Rawleigh’s Top 12 Sure Signs You Are

Becoming A Lame Old-Fart


I could not possibly think of a better way to spend my Father’s day a couple of months ago then getting to go to a nice outdoor amphitheater for a Summer concert…have a few cold ones and see BOSTON with opening act Night Ranger when upon heading out the door, I took a quick glance across the room in the mirror only to stop and really notice what I was wearing: khaki shorts and a short-sleeve polo shirt!

Seriously?! That is really what I was going to wear to a rock concert?! There was a time, I wouldn’t have been caught dead at a rock concert in anything other than cut-off jean shorts, a black bandana and an Ozzy, RUSH or KISS ARMY t-shirt!!

It’s official… I really have crossed over that old-age line where I am no longer cool and am sliding ever so quicker toward lame and old, older, oldest…. Made me laugh and I started realizing just how many hints along the way that I’ve either not noticed or subconsciously decided to overlook!

 12. If your wives secretly take pics of you playing air-guitar to that bad-ass guitar solo at the end of “Eddie’s Comin’ Out Tonight”

11. If you know what “Eddie’s Comin’ Out Tonight” is

10. If you actually GO to rock concerts like Boston, Night Ranger, Kansas, Foreigner, KISS, Ted Nugent, Journey, Rush, Cheap Trick, etc. etc. in the first place

9. If when you are at these concerts, you get pumped up by the music the sound and stage crew is playing between the opening act and headliner

8. If you can list those songs in the order they were played; Rush “Bastille Day”, Triumph “Lay It On The Line”, Aerosmith “Somebody”………

7. If you are a Beer Snob – Remember when you could drink whatever beer someone handed you? Old Mill…Meisterbrau…Bought my first PBR, thinking surely I can drink this…it is beer…right?!

6. If your favorite ride at amusement parks is fast becoming the park bench

5. If the majority of your TV viewing is Little House on the Prairie & Bonanza boxed sets (yes…I own them)
……or any movies that have to do with pirates, Batman, Star Wars or Planet of the Apes

*Yes, we’re discussing “old” not “geek”, but this listing still qualifies under the terminology “lame”

4. If you actually argue whether Def Leppard took their turn for the worst between “High ‘n’ Dry” and “Pyromania” or between “Pyromania” and “Hysteria”

3. If the 10 cds that ALWAYS stay within hands reach of your car cd player are: Boston I & II, Christopher Cross, Fleetwood Mac “Rumours”, Kansas “Two For The Show”, John Denver “Back Home Again”, Journey “Infinity”, Jimmy Buffett “Greatest Hits”, Fisher Price Little People Sing Alongs, and Disney Princess VII

*There is a legitimate way to redeem the Jimmy Buffett lame status…and that is if you are listening to “Living and Dying in ¾ Time” or “A1A” instead of Greatest Hits

2. If you are more closely akin to Clark Griswold than somebody hip like say…Johnny Depp or one of those vampire werewolf dudes who run around shirtless in those Twilight movies

1. If you take the time and effort to write down and actually post a silly Top 10 list

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