Rawleigh’s Top 10 NYE Resolutions For 2015


Rawleigh’s Top 10 NYE Resolutions For 2015

10. For starters, widdle it down to a mere 3 or 4 next year

9. Quit procrastinating learning the lyrics to these damn 70’s disco songs, so I can finally stop duct taping cheat sheets to my monitor wedges

8. Make a valiant effort more often to allow Stacy to think she is the true diva in this outfit

7. Speaking of divas, it was hard enough competing with just Stacy for the coveted spotlight, but with GQ Joey in the band, I really have to step up my game

6. Eat more veggies besides just chips & salsa

5. Quit sending the band members random and annoying Type O Negative lyrics while I’m rocking out and feel the urge to share….MY SOULS ON FIRE…..or ALL HAIL AND FAREWELL TO BRITAIN…..or  I  O  I  IN ON IT….or

4. Stop being so gullible by letting the waiter talk me into those impractical long-pours and just purchase the whole damn bottle in the first place

3. Be more mindful of my embarrassing bad habit of unknowingly singing out loud …..ex: waltzing down the grocery aisles at Kroger nonchalantly singing “…the heart wants what it wants a a a a ants… the heart wants what it wa aa aa aants …”

2. Stop giving these local weathermen the benefit of the doubt…even my beloved Todd Demers….cuz it does NOT snow in Memphis, TN

1. 10 lbs and a tan

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  1. Stacy

    To “think” I’m the true diva?!? No one can compete with your diva-ness.

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