Rawleigh’s Top 10 Totally Random Quips, Whims & Notions About Summer

Summer Blog ImageThis is the life. Sitting in the shade of my umbrella on the courtyard of my favorite Victorian bed and breakfast in Key West. It’s morning in the islands and I’m sipping my coffee and about to devour a coconut doughnut. Yes, I’m the only weirdo in existence who actually likes the coconut ones. The courtyard is lush with tropical foliage surrounding the pool, mangoes growing on a tree near the back gate, and a macaw is carrying on a conversation in the near distance. Makes my mind wander back…..Growing up in southeastern Ohio, nothing could’ve been further away atmosphere-wise than South-Florida. As a child, we would vacation to my grandparents home in Boca Raton, driving overnight down I-77…leaving the bleak Winter snow and ice of late February and arriving at dawn with the comforting warmth of the Florida sun shining through the back windows onto my sleeping face. We would stop along the FL turnpike for a quick break and the discovery of peach soda….something very unique and peculiar and quite frankly un-seen up north. Palm trees. Salt in the air. Sand between your toes. The tropical reality that was south Florida was so refreshingly unlike my everyday existence….it almost felt like a dream. Like waking up in a completely different part of the world or even some fantasy destination.

To this day, every year when Summer rolls around, I pick that one special day to don my trusted black pirate-bandana, set up camp next to my pool, turn on the latest song-of-the-season….Fun, and seek out my first peach soda!

Rawleigh’s Top 10 Totally Random

Quips, Whims & Notions About Summer


 10.  Bloody Marys for breakfast and White Russians for dinner: heavy on the light and light on the dark

 9.  Playing the “palm-palm” tree game with my daughters on our way to the beach

8.  Coconut doughnuts

7.  Breaking out the Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley & Putumayo cds

6.  Licking the salt  Shooting the tequila  Sucking the lime

5.  No hay nada mejor que algunos caseros Arroz con Pollo para un sábado por la noche cena en el patio. Sabrosa y picante se complementa perfectamente con un largo alto Mojito Cubano. El jugo de lima y la menta combinación de sabores es para morirse. Me encanta Verano.

4.  Two Words: Key Limes

3.  Crossing the overseas highway over to Key Largo and continuing southward on US1

2. …..the gentle reminder that there is always the comforting reassurance of my long-standing back-up plan: a boat and a blender

 1. Pirates and Peach Soda Pop

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