She stood there bright as the sun on that California coast
He was a midwestern boy on his own
She looked at him with those soft eyes…. so innocent and blue
He knew right then he was too far from home

Roll out the red carpet….. The premier party band you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. HOLLYWOOD is a sexy, high energy dance band that performs nothing but the hottest hit songs of the day… the grooviest funk & disco of the 70’s… the very best retro & new wave pop hits of the 80’s… and much more!

HOLLYWOOD is the ultimate V.I.P. Entertainment Experience… daring to break all the rules and redefining the very definition of what a “band” is or should be, this party band performs an electrifying mix of current chart topping dance tracks and mainstream pop that you primarily hear dj’s spin for trendy nightclub dance floors along with providing the most popular party standards and variety that you are looking for in a party band! A little something for everyone. Chic. Cutting Edge. Unashamed and Unapologetically Pop.

A-List Celebrities, this veritable super group is composed of seasoned Mid-South music veterans. Commanding the stage, the group is fronted by two charismatic and dynamic performers in Rawleigh and Stacy. Having both a male and female sharing the coveted spotlight culminates in a well rounded and entertaining spectacle. The foundation and back-bone of the band is rooted in solid musicianship by Phil on guitars, keys and background vocals, Rick on drums and Joey on the bass guitar.

He’d headed west ’cause he felt that a change would do him good
See some old friends… good for the soul
He spent all night staring down at the lights of LA
Wondering if he could ever go home

HOLLYWOOD’s energy and enthusiasm combined with over the top sound and lighting, culminate into a show that is a feast for the eyes as well as the ears; creating a big city nightclub atmosphere that is unique and uncommon among most area bands. Not content to simply stand on the edge, but to jump right over, HOLLYWOOD is literally a wake-up call to their native Memphis and Mid-South region with their fresh and unconventional approach to entertainment.

One foot on the stage
One foot on the dance floor

HOLLYWOOD is fresh, hip, fun — and perfect for a crowd that wants high-energy live entertainment.